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This book is a great starting point for an understanding of yoga and what it really is. Yoga is more then just poses to get skinny. Yoga is a way to make you happier, healthy, and strong.

If you start yoga in a class at a gym you will not learn as much as you could if read his book. Most yoga in the US is the non threatining version. An ex-aerobics instructor who took 20 hours of yoga teaching classes is not fit to teach the real yoga.

If you read this, your practice of yoga will be better and you will get 100 times more out of it. Buy the book before you buy any other yoga book.

- Jason Morton
This guide is the most complete and clearly communicated sanskrit reference for yoga that I have ever seen. I am a yoga teacher trainer and this will become my constant companion for both myself and to use in our trainings. It includes a comprehensive list of asana names and translations presented in alphabetical order with very, precise linear illustrations. This section alone is invaluable.

This book is a must for any serious yoga student or yoga teacher. It will help you quickly learn and understand the sanskrit terms used in yoga. It will also help you to pronounce sanskrit with the beauty of this most sacred and spiritual language.

- Bill Kvistad
Just the kind of information on yoga I was looking for. I found it very easy to follow the poses described and am writing to show you my appreciation. Your kit is an asset to my life - Literally !

- John W. Kepner
I am a certified yoga instructor, and I am always looking for new tools to use in my class. This book covers everything one needs to be a successful and inspiring yoga instructor - from class environments to adjustments to anatomy. I have learned some great new modifications and innovative verbal cues that my students have responded well to. I highly recommend this book to certified and aspiring instructors.

- Sparkle Reed
I was fortunate to obtain an advance copy of this guide from your website. Not only yoga therapy, but also for yoga practice in general. Based upon deep understanding of the principles of movement, breath and adaptation, many principles and illustrative examples of therapeutic yoga applications are presented for common aches and pains, chronic disease and emotional health.

- Sir Bowen
I've been studying yoga for several years now, but I still found this book to be an excellent resource for providing me with information on form and alignment. The instructions for each asana (pose) are very clear, and the myraid of illustrations presented are extremely helpful. I particularly liked the illustrations of common mistakes, as these display what NOT to do when performing the poses. This is definitely a book for all levels of yoga students, and beginners would certainly find it useful in building a solid foundation to their yoga practice.

- Beth Cholette