Yoga and Mental Health

The fast paced life of the modern days gives little time to repose and rejuvenate our physical or mental health affecting the mental health of a person adversely. Due to hectic schedule and no rest, professionals often develop different types of mental disorders. This can be a minute problem like anxiety or sleeplessness or can be as prominent as schizophrenia. Medical science has different types of treatment for development of mental health. Apart from mainstream medical treatment, people can also opt for yoga to improve their mental health and lead a better life.

The concept of mental health combines emotional well-being and psychological well-being of a person. Yoga is a holistic treatment and can help a person in achieving better mental health. There are different asanas in yoga, which can rejuvenate the mind and soul of a person, which in turn will improve his lifestyle. People in India have practiced yoga for thousands of years and in the recent days, it has gained popularity in the western countries. With the increasing popularity of Yoga, mainstream medical community has given recognition to yoga for maintaining healthy mind and body. Nowadays, one can find different centers that have appointed yoga instructors for teaching asanas. The instructors will teach the appropriate Asanas helping you get better lifestyle along with better mental health.

Yoga can be helpful in treating different mental problems like obsessive compulsive disorders, depression, schizophrenia, sleeping problems, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating as well as personality disorders. People who feel uneasy in socializing can also get benefit from yoga. Researches have shown that regular practicing of asanas can increase the level of gamma-aminobutyric and brain chemical. This in turn will have various psychological benefits to a person. Practicing yoga reduces negative thoughts, improves concentration which finally increases your confidence level. Yoga will treat the adverse mental conditions of a person without causing any kind of side-effects to the body.

To improve your mental health by practicing yoga, you need to identify the cause of the mental problem. The cause of mental health crisis can vary from one person to other. It can be due to excessive work pressure, improper lifestyle, and irregular food habits or for any kind of negative experience that a person had faced in his life. A professional in this field can recommend you the asanas that will help in neutralizing the cause of deteriorating mental health. Asanas help in cleansing the body and maintaining better circulatory system as well as nervous system, which gives you healthier mind and body.

There are different types of asanas for improving mental health but Pranayama is compulsory and can treat different types of mental as well as physical health conditions. Though Yoga has several advantages on the mental health of a person, one should consult a professional before practicing any of the Asanas. Yoga does not have any side effects, yet by practicing proper Asanas, you can improve your mental health faster.