Yoga for the Elderly

These days, yoga has gained huge popularity among people all over the world. Regular practice of Yoga can help you enjoy a good health for your entire lifetime. Yoga can be practiced by people of all age. However, it is important to know the accurate posture for practicing Yoga. With proper practice of Yoga, you can get relief from depression, addiction, anxiety and several old age related issues. To deal with old age related issues, have a fit and active body at old age, one can practice some of the Yoga postures recommended for elderly people.

Kapalbhati is one of the Yoga postures recommended for old age related issues. This posture boosts the breathing technique of a person and helps in cleansing chest blockages. It can also help in cleaning mucus while breathing. Apart from Kapalbhati, elderly people can get benefit from Sukhasana or the easy pose. It is a meditative pose and helps to keep the spine straight, promote inner tranquility and slowing the rate of metabolism. By practicing this exercise, one can also keep his mind still.

Many elderly people have benefitted themselves by practicing Dog pose or the Adho Mukha Shvanasana. Stiffness of the body is one of the most significant problems with growing age. By practicing this exercise one can increase the flexibility of his spine, prevent back problems, stretch lower and middle back as well hips. A person by practicing this exercise regularly can rejuvenate his body.

Double leg raises, half spinal twist, locust pose, wind relieving pose, corpse pose are also some of the yoga postures that can benefit elderly people. They have several beneficial effects on the body and mind of a person. Before practicing any of the postures, it is always suggested to take the guidance of a yoga expert. He will guide you with the appropriate postures so that you can have a healthy and active body at old age. Also use the a yoga mat while practicing the postures, so that you can get the best result.